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Update Your Workplace Wardrobe By Adding Dress Shirts for Men

Posted in Men's Shirts by nymsuits on February 18, 2015


Just like women, men should also invest in the contents of his closet. While the fashion options available for men will never top that for women, still the respectable line of sartorial options is more than enough to shop for clothes that can be worn at work.
There are different options available for men that can be worn for work and meetings and social functions. Men’s clothes are a diverse set, but some clothing options stand out and must-wear for men who are working in a corporate environment.

For example, a busy professional can’t go wrong with dress shirts for men. Aside from the traditional combination of pants, suit and tie, you can also throw in dress shirts for men in your closet. This is a popular piece of clothing with collar, and features an opening from the collar down to the hem. Dress shirts for men are also available in striking colors and conservative designs, making these great selections inside any work environment. While dress shirts are safe bets in any office environment, it still pays to understand the options available and understand the minute details that define a perfect dress shirt.

Dress shirt elements to keep an eye on

Comfort before style- its one fashion consideration that should be considered when shopping for dress shirts for men. And comfort always starts with the choice of materials, and in the case of dress shirts, a premium cotton fabric serves as the best option. Premium cotton fabric offers a soft texture that’s similar to silk. The quality or tightness of weave is also an indication of quality fabric. The tighter the weaving, the softer it is. Threads are measured by the inch, and commercial dress shirts feature 50 to 200 threads for every inch. Dress shirts with at least 80 thread-counts are considered of high quality, which means it will not easily shrink or wrinkle.

The design and quality of collar is also an indication of craftsmanship and style. Always look for highly symmetrical cuts of collar, with fine and stitch on the edges. Also, a great collar is one that’s flexible and will not crease even when bent. This is a helpful feature, especially if you are working in a highly physical work environment, where you need to move regularly. And finally, the materials used for button can influence its overall quality. High-quality dress shirts often feature mother-of-pearl for buttons. While other materials can work as button materials, mother-of-pearls are often stylish to work at, features depth in shine and resistant to color degradation. The shirt should also come with extra buttons, in case one button go missing or become damaged.

Shopping for the perfect and high-quality dress shirts to form part of a closet can be frustrating and time-consuming. And there’s also the risk of spending hundreds of dollars for poorly-crafted shirts. For best results, work with a number of stores to compare dress quality and prices.


How to fold a pocket square / hankercheif

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Found this interesting poster online while working on the new selection of Armando Ties we just posted online. We’re constantly getting asked everyday on “what is the best way to fold a pocket square”, and truthfully we naturally just go with what looks right. Everyone is different, just like everyone one wears a sports jacket and/or suit jacket different. When it comes to ties we’re all trained on how to tie the basics of many style knots. Now if you’s like to get technical and you prefer that extra fancy “Trinity Knot” and the other fashion knots that follow with it, we rely on youtube to guide us on how to get it done.

Here is a cool find from the guys who publish over at ArtofManliness.com


TK – #NYMSuits

Fall Must Haves For Men’s Wardrobes

Posted in Daily News by nymsuits on October 13, 2014

Many men are not much into fashion, while others love to be trend-setters or at least with the trendy crowd each season. No matter which side of the fence you are on, while traditional looks are always good to have in your closet, the reality is that trends get noticed. And if you are one who wants to get noticed, you should always at least be on the lookout for what is hot each season and be able to incorporate some part of the trend into your existing wardrobe.

With that in mind, we have been talking with some fashionistas during Fashion Week here in New York, and we have taken some of the advice we’ve gathered and come up with several items that should be in a man’s closet this fall, if they’re not already. If you have a special man in your life, this might be a good time to take him shopping!

The first thing to know is that men’s fashion is about trimmer lines and narrower silhouettes this year. Depending on your body type, that could be a good thing or a bad thing.

The tailored vest is not out of style by any means.

Some sports shirts are still trendy, especially in different color combinations.

Chambray shirts have evolved to where they are now very versatile and can be used for casual or business purposes due to their cariety of colors and patterns.

Would you believe the corduroy pant is making a comeback?

Want a good layering anchor? Try the Henley on for size.

As fall advances closer to winter, having a puffer available would be a good decision.

If you are looking for comfortable, a jog pant would fit the bill.

Want to try a different sport coat this year? Try velvet.

Cuff links, tie bars and pocket squares are good accessories for most ensembles.

For the latest in footwear trends, pay attention to boots that come in a variety of styles for virtually any occasion.

NYMSuits – How to Pick Out Just the Right Tie

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How to Pick Out Just the Right Tie

How to Pick Out Just the Right Tie

Picking out the right tie can be an art. You might pick out a tie that you think looks amazing that everyone else thinks looks tacky and unprofessional. When it comes to picking out a tie, you want to be sure that you’re right. Otherwise, you could hurt your professional reputation in the office.

Here are a few tips for how you can pick out just the right tie every time:


The size of the tie should be the easiest. You want to choose a tie that is long enough that it rests just above your belt buckle when it is tied. The width of the tie at the section that is showing at the top of your suit should match the width of your lapels.


Most ties are silk or a silky material, and that’s the safest choice. You should always wear silk ties with your business suits. However, you can wear wool ties if you are wearing a tweed jacket or another heavy fabric, which you might like to do when the temperatures drop.


Colors are where people start to go wrong with ties. The key is to pick a color that complements both your shirt and your suit, such as a yellow tie with a blue shirt and a black suit. If you aren’t sure about combinations, stick to a simple white shirt or a black suit since they will match with anything.


Patterns are where most people make their fatal errors with ties. Patterns can get out of hand, and it can be hard to control all the colors in the patterns to make sure everything matches nicely. Try to choose something that complements the shirt, such as a striped tie with a striped shirt. Just choose a thicker stripe for the tie than what you have on the shirt. Your pattern should not blend, and it should not contrast.

3 Reasons Why Steve Harvey Men’s Suits Are so Awesome

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Steve Harvey men's designer suits

Steve Harvey men’s designer suits

Choosing the right suit can mean the difference between having confidence during an important meeting or feeling uncomfortable wearing outdated and ill fitting fashion. Steve Harvey men’s suits are the perfect choice of professional attire if you want a designer suit for an affordable price. You are sure to find a suit in the style and color that makes you feel self-assured and ready to take on the challenges you face in style.

Steve Harvey is Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

Here are the three main reasons why Steve Harvey men’s suits are so awesome:
1.       Grey is the new black. Steve Harvey is known for wearing suits in striking colors rather than simply black. You can channel his tastes by purchasing suits designed in silver, charcoal, or lavender grey fabrics.
2.       The three-piece done right. There are few suits as enduring and attractive as the three-piece. Steve Harvey’s three-piece suits come with either a two- or three-button jacket to complement nearly any physique.
3.       Affordable style. Possibly the most significant reason why Steve Harvey suits are superior is how affordable they are. It just goes to show that style doesn’t have to come with a ridiculous price tag. These suits sell in retail stores for hundreds of dollars, but can be found online at steep discounts in comparison.
Distinct Patterns for the Discerning Shopper
A properly designed suit can accentuate the best aspects of the masculine form. Steve Harvey men’s suits are each designed to be as flattering and stylish as possible. They are also made using fashionable materials, yet still retain their professional and classic appearance.
If you are looking for a way to display your taste, and also appear professional, buy a Steve Harvey suit in a windowpane, tweed, or pinstripe pattern. These subtle designs are noticeable but not flamboyant, allowing you to wear trendy attire and still feel confident enough to seize your workday. To find great deals on Steve Harvey apparel, check online retailers for great deals.

Great Article – 10 Steps to an Organized Closet…

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I found this article online and thought it would be a great share for all the fashionista’s online….


An Organized Closet in 10 Easy Steps!

1. Hangers. Make sure you have the right ones for your clothes. Hangers with padding help keep silk and other slippery pieces from dropping to the floor. Heavy wood hangers are great for jackets and coats. And of course, the plastic hangers with clips are perfect for pants and skirts.

2. Pegboard. Not only for the kitchen! Mount a piece of this to your closet door or back wall and screw in pegs and hooks. Great for hanging purses, scarves, etc.

3. Plastic Boxes. Great for stacking, I love these for socks, nylons, headbands, and all other accessories.

… Read more over at –> thebudgetfashionista.com and let them know NYMSuits.com sent ya! 🙂

Choosing the Right Suit for Your Form

Posted in Daily News, Men's Suits by nymsuits on January 9, 2014
Mens suits - discounted suits for men

A well fitting suit is a necessity for every man’s wardrobe. Whether he works at an office or simply needs a suit for a special event, choosing a great suit should be at the top of his list. For men who are unfamiliar with choosing their own fashions, or who are uncomfortable with being poked and prodded at a men’s wear store, the internet offers affordable and great look suits for all shapes and sizes.

Making Style Choices

Picking a suit is not a matter of “one-fits-all.” Various styles, colors, and patterns affect the appearance of the wearer. As trends come and go, making a choice that will stand the test of time can save money and allow the wearer to always look great. When choosing a suit, you must make design decisions on the following:

· Number of jacket buttons
· Double breasted or single breasted
· Shoulder padding
· Vents
· Lapel style
· Amount of trouser break
· Patterned Fabric

When in Doubt, Go With a Classic Style

If the thought of all of those choices makes you nervous, stick with simple, classic styles. This is a great option for those who aren’t interested in staying up with the changing trends but always want to look their best.

Doing Research and Asking for Expert Advice

Buying suits online is a fantastic way to get a great deal, but it’s important to know your measurements before you shop. Check out an online suit retailer for info if you would like to take your own measurements at home, or go to a men’s apparel store to have your measurements taken professionally. Armed with correct measurements such as your inseam, sleeve length, neck size and waist, you can safely choose a suit online without worrying about fit.

Making Final Alterations

No matter how well you measure for a suit, you should have it altered to fit your form perfectly. You can have this service performed at a local tailor. You may have to spend a little more for the final fitting, but it can be worth it as you wear your suit confidently and draw positive attention.

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NYMSuits.com – #BlackFriday – #NYMBlackFriday

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New Stock updated on mens Slim Cut / Slim fit dress shirts

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Tagio Mens Classic Charcoal Cardigan But

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